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Financial Consolidation

To automate financial consolidation process for both local and global financial consolidation, full financial close management solution, scalable to serve both midsize and larger organizations, can be integrated with many systems, with option for cloud-based deployment

Budgeting and Planning Solutions

SUMMIT FLEXIPLAN provides flexible planning and budgeting model, whatif scenario, multiple planning/budgeting versions, adjustable templates and forms, scalable users, workflow and multi-level of user security.

Demand Planning for Manufacturing

The SUMMIT Customer Profitability Analytics Solutions for Banking can help banks to provide an integrated view of profitability for key dimensions including product, line of business/organization, customers, geography, and time, and understand customer needs and propensity to buy new products, also enabling real-time what-if profitability scenario analytics.

Customer Profitability Analytics for Banking

The SUMMIT Customer Profitability Analytics Solutions for Banking can help banks to provide an integrated view of profitability for key dimensions including product, line of business/organization, customers, geography, and time, and understand customer needs and propensity to buy new products, also enabling real-time what-if profitability scenario analytics

Big Data and Analytics

We believe now organizations should start to build capabilities needed to become a speed-driven organization. It’s important to understand that creating analytics speed within an organization is not a single step; organizations must excel at each key stage within the analytics lifecycle: Acquire, Analyze and Act.
Source and manage data more quickly by blending traditional data infrastructure components with newer big data components.
Focus on analyzing the data and identifying the insights most likely to create a positive business impact.
Use the insights derived from data to create value for the organization.

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
Key Benefits
  • Improved access to integrated data
  • Consistent reporting structure
  • Improved productivity
  • Better data integrity and quality
  • Reduction in maintenance cost
Business Intelligence
  • Reports. Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content.
  • Analysis. Explore your BI data with trend analysis, “what-if” scenarios, modeling and more.
  • Scorecards. Successfully monitor performance with the scorecard capabilities of IBM business intelligence.
  • Dashboards. Monitor, measure and manage corporate performance at a glance with dashboards.
  • Mobile. Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the road.
  • Real-time monitoring. View up-to-the-minute operational data for quick and informed decisions.
  • Collaboration. Fuel the exchange of insights with collaborative BI.
  • Statistics. Incorporate statistical results in your BI content for improved analysis.

Our Diagram Architecture

Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a holistic approach that involves integrating an organization’s goals, key indicators and metrics, in order to improve their performance. There are several benefits to implementing a CPM solution:

Ability to combine data from various sources will provide organizations with a broader overview of performance across multiple divisions. Decision makers will no longer require the need to manage multiple spreadsheets, thus it will eliminate versioning issues as they can access accurate information in real time at the enterprise-wide level.
Most of organizations have difficulties to make critical business decisions where they should have immediate access to complete and useful data. With this system, decision makers will have access to real-time data that improves their abilities to respond quickly in their ever changing environment, as the single version of the truth.
By consolidating data in one centralized area, decision makers can use a workspace, which delivers realtime information in various ways; such as charts, spreadsheets and combination of both.
The core of every decision should be a fact-based decision-making. They must be able to proactive understanding and managing volatility that exists in the real world. With “what-if” data models, they will have better insights in order to mitigate risks. This will make organizations more informed, able to create smarter decisions.

Security Systems

IBM Security enables organizations to build a strong security posture that helps reduce costs, improve service, manage risk, and enable innovation.

What we offer:

  • People and identity. Manage user identity lifecycle and their rights to access resources effectively.
  • Data and information. Comprehensive data discovery, classification, access control, and archiving to protect information.
  • Application and process. Secure application design and development to remediate vulnerabilities, block attacks and control access.
  • Network, server, and endpoint. Proactive threat analysis and vulnerability management on networks and hosts.
  • Physical infrastructure. Monitor, assess and analyze digital video surveillance to automate alerts and response


Our Services
Project Management
Our Project Management Services help is to improve business performance.
Solution Architect Services
We offer the foundation for more informative decision making by consolidating data from multiple business units into a data warehouse and providing accurate, easily accessible information throughout your enterprise.
  • Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy  Realize your business optimization objectives faster   with less risk and at a lower cost through an effective   information strategy.
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management  Improve decision-making, productivity, efficiency and   the ability to optimize performance within a company.
  • Advanced Analytics and Optimization  Improve operations Tackle and solve your most   complex problems and create unique predictive   capabilities for  intelligent decisions. The advanced   innovative research in data analytics and optimization   helps us to enhance performance and improve   operational efficiency.
  • Enterprise Information Management  Achieve data integration between disparate systems   to improve business processes and total business    performance, and make intelligent decisions.
Consulting Services

We offer a strong business insights and technical expertise of experienced consultants to advise your organization.

System Integration
We extends our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization.

Solution Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance
We adopt best practices for software development:
  • Development Process
  • Requirement
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Contruction of the code
  • Peer Review
  • Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Quality and Defects Management
  • Deployment
  • System Operations and Support
  • Data Migration
  • Project Management
  • Measuring Success

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